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About the Author

Welcome to the official website for Olivia Leigh Blacke, paranormal fiction author.

I'm currently working on The Unnatural Misadventures of Elle York, a series of novels and short stories featuring the monster hunter Elle York and her tight-knit group of friends.

I write old-fashioned creature-feature fiction in a modern setting, character-driven paranormal mysteries, and frightening tales with a comedic twist because I want to make people enjoy being afraid of the dark.

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The Unnatural Misadventures of Elle York

Your portal to the Elliverse

Everyone knows that there is no such thing as monsters, but when night falls, even skeptics lock their doors and turn on the lights to fend off the terrors lurking in the darkness. Elle York, the latest in a long line of hunters known as the Angels of Death, doesn't have the luxury of hiding underneath the covers and pretending that the bogeyman doesn't exist. She knows the truth. Monsters are real. Although she struggles to lead a normal life, she has the rare ability to perceive the presence of the unnatural creatures hiding in plain sight, and she has made it her mission to protect humanity from them.

The target audience is readers tired of bubblegum vampires, and adults looking to connect with relatable characters in extraordinary situations. Other urban fantasy novels domesticate supernaturals, but in The Unnatural Misadventures of Elle York, boogeymen are still scary and the darkness has claws. When the line between good and evil begins to blur, it is up to Elle York to save humankind from impending danger, but only if she can save herself first.

Enter the Elliverse to find learn more about novels and short stories featuring Elle York, and to meet her friends.