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I write cozy mysteries, quirky unconventional mysteries, and paranormal urban fiction featuring strong female characters caught in unusual situations.


Olivia Leigh Blacke, author of the Holmestown Dog Walker Mysteries, is writing!

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Watson the Puggle Every dog walker has her day, but for Holmestown's newest resident Joey Doyle, that day is going to the dogs. Literally.

After escaping a bad marriage and moving to Holmestown, PA, a charming village filled with quirky residents along with their closeted secrets and lovable pets, Joey Doyle takes up dog walking to make ends (almost) meet. Accompanied by her faithful and eerily smart Pug/Beagle mix - a Puggle named Watson, Joey carves out a niche for herself in the close-knit community. She is even responsible for several prize-winning show dogs until she discovers on of the owners dead, launching a high-profile murder investigation.

As one of only six possible suspects, all eyes are on the new girl in town - including the inexperienced deputy assigned to the case. With Watson at her side, Joey tries to concentrate on her wide variety of adorable dog walking clients, hilarious pet sitting debacles, and other small-animal related odd jobs. Between Holmestown hijinks and ducking her stalker ex, a string of bad luck leaves Joey convinced that someone is out to get her.

In the first of a cozy mystery series featuring dog walker Joey Doyle and her companion Puggle dog, Joey has to unveil the real murderer before she becomes the next victim.

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Books & Series

  • Holmestown Dog Walker Mysteries: Joey Doyle and her Puggle sidekick Watson move to the sleepy village of Holmestown. Just as Joey is settling in and making a life for herself as the resident pet expert, she discovers a pillar of the community murdered - and she's one of only six possible suspects. The real murderer is out to get her - can Joey expose the killer in time?
  • Hurricane Arly Mysteries: Arly Briggs - a force of nature - finds murder and mayhem wherever she goes. Lighthearted and intriguing cozy mysteries, The Hurricane Arly Mysteries are quick reads full of zany characters and rapid twists.
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  • The Unnatural Misadventures of Elle York: In these dark urban fantasies, monster hunter Elle York discovers that the things that go bump in the night might have claws, but she is never defenseless - unlike the innocents she is determined to protect. Visit Elle's Blog

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